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Sec Employment Lawyers is a boutique law firm, fully focused on resolving employment law issues. These issues may range from questions about your non-competition clause to a dismissal. Some issues are easy to solve. Some are more complex. This is even more the case, when working as an expat in The Netherlands. The stakes are often high. Especially when you moved to The Netherlands for the benefit of your career.

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We give practical legal advice and will represent you in court if necessary. In doing so we can provide some ease in hectic times. We have extensive experience in assisting expats and are well aware of related issues, such as the 30%-ruling.

A practical way of working, short communication lines and cost efficiency are our strong suit. After the first meeting you will be able to come to a well informed decision based upon sound advice.

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Sec Employment Lawyers: your specialists in employment law

Our lawyers will only handle cases concerning employment law. Because of our experience and knowledge regarding employment law we can represent you at the highest level. Our lawyers are rightly considered specialists in employment law. We are a member of the Amsterdam Employment Law Association (Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Amsterdam).

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