Settlement agreement

Settlement agreement

Most employment contracts are not terminated by consent of the UWV or terminated by the cantonal judge but by mutual consent. Employer and employee negotiate on the terms under which the contract is terminated, agreements are formalized and the outcome of the negotiations are laid down in a written settlement agreement.

Independent legal advice

We can determine if the offer made by your employer is realistic. Through our experience and knowledge concerning employment law we are able to estimate your chances in legal proceedings. This enables us to negotiate successfully in order to achieve maximum results in a settlement for you.

Severance, and?

Not only compensation plays a role in ending the employment contract by mutual consent. We may remind you of the importance of making arrangements on the date of termination, paid holidays, non-compete clauses, legal and outplacement costs, etc.

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It is advisable to have a termination agreement reviewed by an employment law specialist. The cost of assistance by an employment law specialist are often paid for by your employer.

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