Summary dismissal

Summary dismissal

Lawyers often indicate a summary dismissal as an ultimate remedium. Quite right because as an employee you are not only immediately deprived of salary but you are also not entitled to unemployment benefits. A summary dismissal will only hold up in court if strict criteria are met. Three in short.

Conditions summary dismissal

  1. There must be an urgent reason for dismissal: in general serious matters such as theft.
  2. You must be informed about the reason for a summary dismissal at once: the reason may not be vague to you.
  3. The dismissal must be given immediately: as soon as your employer knows the urgent reason he must dismiss you at once.

Obtain legal advice at short notice

Taking into consideration the grave consequences of a summary dismissal and the strict criteria that go with this you should be advised by an employment law specialist as soon as possible. By quashing a dismissal you will keep your job and wages.

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In order to safeguard your interests, do not sign anything, object to your dismissal and remain available to return to your workplace.

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