Unemployment benefits

Werknemers ontslagen

After your dismissal you are usually entitled to an unemployment benefits. In short there are three conditions.

Conditions unemployment benefits

I. You lose at least 5 hours a week.
II. You are available to do work.
III. In the 36 weeks before your dismissal you worked at least 26 weeks.

Duration unemployment benefits

If these conditions are fulfilled you are entitled to unemployment benefits for three months. Exceptions apply in case of a summary dismissal or if you resigned yourself. In that case you are culpably unemployed and you are not entitled to unemployment benefits. If you worked at least 4 years in the past 5 years you will receive a longer period of unemployment benefit.

Height unemployment benefits

Unemployment benefits amount to 75% of your latest salary for two months. After two months the benefit is 70% of your latest salary. There is a maximum to the salary on which the benefits are based both during the first two months and the period afterwards.

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