Non-competition clause


By using a non-competition clause you want to prevent your competitor to take advantage of the knowledge gained by your employee in your company. By using a relationship clause you want to prevent your employees to take advantage of your carefully constructed network at the end of the employment contract. Practice shows that non-compete issues are not always taken into consideration when entering into an employment contract.

Non-compete fixed-term contract

As per 1 January 2015 it is in principle no longer allowed to include a non-compete clause in a fixed-term contract. An exception may only apply on account of weighty company interests. Please consult our lawyers for further details.

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Expert advice non-compete clause

Sec Employment Lawyers can assist you in drawing up legally binding competition and relationship clauses including a penalty clause. When breached our lawyers are at your disposal to stop the infringement and collect the fine.

No non-compete clause but still prohibited

Even employees without a non-compete clause are bound to certain rules after their dismissal. These employees may not systematically approach your customers after termination of the employment relationship. Our lawyers are happy to provide you with further advice.

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