Performance dismissal

Performance dismissal

Any employer dreads an incompetent employee. It is beneficial for both parties to part ways. A dismissal due to incompetence however is a sensitive issue.

Conditions for dismissal

In order to terminate an employment contract for unsatisfactory performance, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • the employee should have been confronted with the criticism on his/her performance;
  • the employee must have had the opportunity to improve (through a PIP-procedure).
  • if no improvement has been realised, the employee should – if available – be offered another suitable position in which the skills that have been criticised are not required;

If there is no other suitable position you can terminate the employment contract. In case of an open-ended contract most employers first try to come to a termination by mutual consent if this situation occurs in order to prevent legal proceedings. In most cases where the employer has a good file (and termination does not come as a surprise to the employee) it is possible to come to a settlement. If this is not possible, we can take your case to court.

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Advice performance related dismissal

It would be wise to ask for legal advice at an early stage. Sec Employment Lawyers can advise you on the contents of a personal file and whether the current file is sufficient for a dismissal due to incompetence. This way your chances of success in taking legal actions or in negotiating the termination of the employment contract will increase significantly.

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