Termination with mutual consent

settlement agreement

Most employment contracts based on Dutch law end as a result of an amicable settlement. Not legal proceedings. In most cases this proves to be the most cost and time efficient route to end an employment relationship. The conditions for termination are recorded in a written settlement agreement.

Settlement negotiations

The process of reaching an amicable settlement starts with providing your employee with a settlement offer. We can assist you with this. When making a proposal to end the contract it is obviously important that you do not pay your employee more than necessary. Sec Employment Lawyers is a boutique employment law firm that is fully dedicated to advising and assisting in employment law proceedings.  We can accurately estimate your chances in legal proceedings and negotiate effectively in order to achieve the outcome desired.

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Summary dismissal procedure

Usually the employee will object to the summary dismissal and claim wages. Our employment lawyers are at your disposal to safeguard your company interests.

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